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News: Divorce Rates Skyrocket in India February 21, 2008

Posted by shelleycm in Dissolution, International, News.

The International Herald Tribute runs this story about increasing divorce rates in India, a place where arranged marriages are customary and, historically, long-lasting.   The reasons for the increase?  Women’s financial independence, weakening of taboos, laws permitting divorce, and Western-style expectations of love.  Interesting stuff, particularly for Oregon’s large East Indian population.


1. Bobby Mucic - January 4, 2009

Very interesting story. I know of a situation where I referred a potential client of an arraigned marriage to an attorney. The husband was in hte states on a work visa, and she eventually earned great employment her as well.

They are not happy, and are splitting up. Her status is in contention. One of the biggest concerns of the husband was retaliation upon his family living back in India. If she has to go back there, how will her life be?

Divorce is a very western concept, and as you mentioned – things are a changin’.

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