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New Case Law: Attorney Fees – Bankruptcy and Divorce April 6, 2008

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On April 2, 2008, the Oregon Court of Appeals decided Jacobs and Jacobs.  The ruling on the case is in regards to bankruptcy and attorney fees.  Please review the full post on this subject at www.oregondivorceblog.com.


1. Jeff Jannsen - June 29, 2008

Mr. Stephens,

My divorce was final in ’05, I had Standard possession rights. Because of a problem with pills (i have been clean of this since early’07), my ex-filed a modification and asked for me to pay her legal fees 30,000.

I filed bankruptcy and attempted to have those fees dismissed through chapter 7. My ex has gotten involved and I need case law dealing with my situation. Basically can I have these numbers dismissed because of my bankruptcy?

2. Lori Sams - August 20, 2008

No offense, but I avoided attorney fees when I filed for divorce. The attorney that I looked into couldn’t give me a straight answer on how much it was going to be. The price kept going up, never down.

I eventually looked into http://www.divorce4her.com. It was a flat fee for the divorce papers, which was all I needed since it was an uncontested divorce. I say loose the attorney and go for an online company.

3. Mayana - May 19, 2009

Hello, My spouse and I have been separated, but not legally since 1999. He gave me a quit claim deed that I had filed. Now, he has really messed up his credit and I am being dragged in because I am still married to him. Is there a way to protect myself against his bills without the formal separation or divorce? A finance company has filed a claim against him and me for a doctors’ unpaid bill. I refused to sign anything at the hospital or at the doctors and told them I would not be responsible for his debts. I am still on the claim as we are married. Can I do anything? Thank you so much.

4. AnnonyBear - August 29, 2010

My divorce was final in February of this year. My X has appealed the divorce and then he got remarried. Since he appealed it, is it legal for him to remarry?

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