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Top 10 List: Top 10 ways to keep your kids out of the middle of your divorce or custody case April 7, 2008

Posted by csstephens in Child Custody, Top 10 List.

We just blogged about the “Top 10 list: Top 10 ways to keep your kids out of the middle of your divorce or custody case”   Please review the full post on this subject at www.oregondivorceblog.com.


1. Lori Sams - August 4, 2008

Great advice. I enjoyed reading the post. Thanks again for that.

2. Jason - August 6, 2008

I think children definitely need to be kept out of the divorce. It traumatizes them for life and usually makes them hate one spouse or the other. They should love their parents, not hate them.

3. mistyeyed - August 18, 2008

Divorce is such a messy issue. It seems like every day more and more people are filing for divorce. It’s just such a part of our society that I feel like it’s the most prominent way out when there’s a problem. Nobody cares how to work through problems.

And, what’s worse, when somebody does file for divorce, the children just get stuck in the middle. Each side tells their kids how bad the other spouse is. The children become so confused that they don’t know who to trust. Keep your kids out of the divorce. Keep the divorce amicable. If not, your kids could be affected for life.

4. Jonathan Kales - February 27, 2010

I practice law in Northern Virginia, with an emphasis in my work on collaborative divorce, divorce mediation, and uncontested divorce. Good stuff.

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